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Bridging The Gap Between Agriculture and Mental Health

Is stress consuming you? Are you tired of being tired? Are you tired of staying awake at night thinking of your to-do list? Are you anxious about the yields year-to-year?

Are you wanting to learn how it would feel to live in a responsive, yet calm manner? How would it feel to be present? How would it feel to live energized? How would it feel to have tools for stress reduction?

Erica envisions a world where producers are confident, supported, and know how to take care of their mental wellbeing. We are changing the views of mental health in agricultural settings one-by-one and working with you to develop the tools that work for you and your operation.

Client Testimonials

Erica is an incredible life coach that brings to the table an abundance of education, knowledge, science and tools to help you consciously change the habitual thoughts and pathways in your brain. Her down to earth-far my-ranchy style makes her so relatable and approachable, while her nerdy side examines each individual’s challenges and needs. She teaches you awareness and mindfulness techniques that calm the crazy in a crazy world. I highly recommend Erica to help you improve the quality of your life, as she did mine.

Deb G., Rancher

You need this kind of positivity, encouragement, and enthusiasm in your life. Message her right now!

Amanda, Equine Trainer

I reached out to Erica when I was feeling low and stuck in a rut. I knew I had to and wanted to make a change in my life, but didn't know where to begin or where to find the confidence to really choose me. She helped me identify what I really wanted in life, and supported me continuously on my journey as I made some major shifts in my life. We tackled everything from relationships, to finances, to fitness, diet and overall health (mental and physical). I have no doubt that without her support I would have never had the strength to make the changes I did in my life. She helped me to build strong habits and check points that I continue to use and she truly set me up for success.

Katie, Rancher, Ruminant Nutrition

DANG is this a boost. I feel refreshed and focused, and ready for the week ahead.


If you don't have a coach you should get one. Erica has been such a blessing, encouragement, and resource for me to reach out to as I have been struggling with some things lately. So thankful for her caring soul.

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