• Episode 59 - Dr. Hailey Lutz & Nervous System Based Chiropractic

    During this episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Dr. Hailey Lutz.  Hailey Lutz, DC is a facilitator of he...
  • Episode 53 - Reflecting on the Messy Middle of a Spiritual Awakening

    I think we’ve all felt it before. You know those days going into somewhere or something where you feel filled with doom, anxiety, and as the drive...
  • Episode 47 - When Things Don't Go As Planned

    So, you're on the farm and trying to get through that never ending proverbial "to-do list." You know things keep piling up, animals are sick, something started on fire, shit. is. hitting. the fan. And today, you feel like throwing in the towel. 

    I feel like I say these words and give you the rundown of this type of story a lot, and that's because I do. I think part of the thing with doing what I do and working with farmers is that this stuff always happens. Murphy's Law never seems to be on your side and the fact of the matter is that I don't think that farmers have "bad luck," because I don't believe in luck. I think that, the thing is, there are so many factors in agriculture that more things can go wrong. It's just basic bell curve and statistical analysis... if you have more things, you have more things that can have something go wrong with them. And, in farming, now, you need a lot of things to make it work. 

  • Episode 46 - Kennedy Youngren, MS, RDN LD & The Importance Of Nutrition In Mental Health

      On this episode I got to chat with Kennedy Youngren, MS, RDN LD. Kennedy grew up in a rural setting with roots deep in the dairy industry. In 20...