Episode 59 - Dr. Hailey Lutz & Nervous System Based Chiropractic


During this episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Dr. Hailey Lutz. 

Hailey Lutz, DC is a facilitator of healing at Soulfully Adjusted Chiropractic. She believes that each individual is unique and their journey through healing should be celebrated. She created Soulfully Adjusted on the grounds of community, love, and vitality - knowing that every BEing is meant to express life in their own way. She is passionate about empowering the community, listening to each individuals needs and the concept of UNlearning - because life is meant to be enjoyed, not just endured.

From a young age, Dr. Hailey was involved in community. From playing competitive volleyball, to serving through volunteer work, she enjoyed making connections to those around her. When she was in her 1st year of undergrad, she got a job as a Chiropractic Assistant and quickly her passion for chiropractic grew. Sooner than she knew, she was off to Dallas, TX to become a apart of the profession. Throughout her schooling, Dr. Hailey dedicated her time to learning about chiropractic’s innate centred philosophy, science and art. From there, she dove deep into the roots of chiropractic and what it means to express life to the fullest while healing from the inside, out.

Dr. Hailey holds her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX as well as her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. While completing her 3 1/2 year Doctor of Chiropractic program she also attended over 25+ seminars taught by the professions most recognized masters of the art. Additional certifications include Webster Certification, training with the ICPA, concussion protocols & BIRTHFIT pregnancy and postpartum exercise instruction. Through her education, certifications, intention and respect of your personal journey, Hailey’s goal is to begin to uncover each individuals potential to heal and watch them grow into their innate power. It is important to Dr. Hailey that as you walk into her practice, you feel at home and at peace. 

Dr. Hailey and I start by talking about the lovely highways in Alberta during winter time, Canadian Finals Rodeo, and our friendship, and then we get a little deeper. 

Dr. Hailey opens up about a life-changing mission trip to Mexico where, through a language barrier, she had the opportunity to treat the community where she was handed 2-year-old children so parents could go and laugh together. 

Our conversation moves to discuss the preventative measures of chiropractic, how chiropractic works to align the nervous system, and the process of chiropractic treatment. Before you can get to a wellness phase with your chiropractor you often have to go to through a treatment phase. 


You can find Dr. Lutz online | Soulfully Adjusted | Instagram

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