The Rural Mindset Podcast™

  • Episode 84 - Drew Finnson & Recreation Therapy in Rural Environments - The Transition from Life on the Farm to Palliative Care

      On this episode of the podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my long-time best friends, Drew Finnson! We chatted about her job as ...
  • Episode 80 - Morgan Kitchen on Goals and Ignoring Limiting Beliefs

      Morgan Kitchen moved to Vanderhoof, BC with her family four years ago and has since expanded their farm and ranch operations. She joined the Ca...
  • Episode 75 - Everything inside, across from, and in between the fence posts with Dale Curd

      I had the opportunity to have a phenomenal lunchtime chat with Dale Curd. We could have talked forever about mental health, the hidden language...
  • Episode 55 - Identifying & Tackling Your Blindspot (In Life & Business)

    Blind spots. In life, business, and everything in between, your blind spot can be a lot of different things, but in short, your blind spot is the “thing” that you might not even notice you do that holds you back from success. I mean, it is called a BLIND spot for a reason, you might not even realize that it’s happening to you or your business. Blind spots in business could be things like unconscious biases that influence your behaviors and decisions, that could also be under-optimizing your bottom line. 
  • Episode 54 - Preserving Western Lifestyle While Moving Forward In Mental Health with Brett Gardiner

    For this interview, I had the opportunity to chat with world renowned, and the most decorated rodeo announcer in Canada, Brett Gardiner. Brett is an advocate for mental health - especially in sport - and has his Masters degree in counselling psychology, plus Brett is working towards his doctorate in clinical counselling. Brett grew up with deep roots in agriculture on both sides, and was raised on an acreage with horses, then moved into announcing western sports and becoming passionate about rodeo and PBR. 
  • Episode 52 - Boundaries Part 2

        On one of my first episodes of the podcast I introduced you all to the idea of boundaries. We talked about how boundaries are the price someon...
  • Episode 51 - Learning Who She is Through ADHD, Anxiety & Depression with Bev Ross

    I had the opportunity to interview one of my mentors, and friend, Bev Ross of Ross Roots Farm, We Drink & We Farm Things Podcast & Joy Farmer Podcast. Bev lives with her husband and children on their farm in Ohio where they have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Percy the Pet Cow, chickens and ducks, donkeys, and her extra-large sized garden. 

    During our conversation, Bev tells all about her operation and her recent mental health journey. Bev was recently diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depression as an adult and has been learning about her mental health through new tools and tips, and the help of her healthcare team while also running various businesses, working and parenting. 

  • Episode 50 - How To Show Up For Yourself

    You might be listening to this podcast episode on the way somewhere to do something for someone - deliver field meals, run parts, drop off kids, help a neighbour, etc., but the question is: if you’re one of those “always shows up for other people but never for themselves” people, what have you done for YOU lately?
  • Episode 49 - Life On Purpose

    When you live life on purpose, you have an internal GPS that guides your choices and direction in life. Your purpose might be meaningful work, it could be family or friends, it could be something totally different that sets your soul on fire. 

    Life on purpose is you living to your fullest intent, to your fullest capabilities.

  • Episode 48 - Validate Yourself - YOU DESERVE IT

    Your friendly neighbourhood mental health and resiliency coach here! Today's episode is all about remembering to validate yourself - we can be so quick to dismiss our successes and the things we have worked so hard on. 

  • Episode 45 - Questioning Your Inner Dialect

    Once we can learn to acknowledge how our thoughts are we can be curious about them a little more. Well.. I’m thinking negatively, why? What brings on this unhelpful thought? Is it true? Probably not. What evidence do I have that this thought is true? What evidence do I have that this has ever happened before?
  • Episode 44 - Cancel Culture: Let's Cancel It!

    Let's talk about canceling cancel culture. We really need to learn how to go about things with curiosity rather than with judgement, and that's what cancel culture comes down to. Cancel culture is when you ostracize someone or something based on a threat or something that you find offensive to you. Oftentimes, cancel culture is caused by a lack of willingness to learn about something or someone - in agriculture, we see this as meat free and non-GMO movements all the time from various consumers who are widely removed from the process of food production. Listen to this episode to hear more about living non-judgementally, learning to be curious, and some thoughts about cancel culture.