Episode 41 - You're Doing Your Best


This podcast episode is about acknowledging that you are doing your best, and that is enough. Start to believe in yourself. Start trusting yourself. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. 

Wake up tomorrow morning and say to yourself “no matter what gets done and how much is done or how it’s done I am worthy of love, belonging and joy.” and when you go to bed at night… remind yourself of the same thing. 

Sometimes in life we get stuck in the hustle of always needing to do more, be more, and seem like we are more. It can be a vicious cycle of never feeling like enough or like we are growing - especially when we constantly see others doing what seems like more than us. 

Remember, when you see someone else, you just see what they choose to put out there. You don’t see their struggles, the hours working, or what happens behind the scenes. It can be easy to get stuck in comparison, and when we get stuck in comparison it can really easily feel like we aren’t enough. 

But you are. You are enough just as you are, just as you showed up today and with exactly what you got done.

Listen to Episode 41 Here


Ways that you can help yourself feel like you are enough:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others
  2. Acknowledge your achievements 
  3. Focus on the process
  4. Do an act of kindness for someone else
  5. Counseling 
  6. Positive affirmations 
  7. Remind yourself that showing up in life everyday as you do is enough without you needing to prove yourself

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