Episode 42 - Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat: A Few Mindset Shifts You Might Need


Come on a ride with me while we chat about a few mindset shifts that I've made to help when things are challenging, not going my way, or people are just being, well, people. Just an FYI - this episode has some CUSS WORDS, so if you don't like it then you don't like it. 

These are some of the mindset shifts that helped me get my ass into gear and not let what people do affect me so much. 

I found that there's so much hatred going around in the world today, and that people aren't treating each other with kindness. While wanting to be respected and loved in a community, its important to be your authentic self so that you can grow into your true potential.

If you run into "negative Nancy's" who seem to wreak havoc on your life and are asking yourself why someone is being a complete (BEEP) to you, let's go through some things that might happen. 

The framework:

  • Curiosity
  • Gratitude
  • 100% Survival Rate
  • a little cussing

Curiosity - instead of making assumptions that this person is simply out to get you, it's important to lead with curiosity instead of judgement. When you can make the mindset shift to curiosity lead assumptions you can then give them some ground to stand on that their life might be completely out of the gutter or they could be climbing the biggest mountain of their life. We don't know what's going on with someone else, so going about life with curiosity rather than assuming they're just a (BEEP) can help you make your days easier. 


Gratitude - reminding yourself that you have a pretty dang good life; you get to farm, podcast, hangout with rad people, etc. can be the mindset shift that you might need and the choice you need to remember how blessed you are. In one choice you can walk away from everything or go all into something, and you can have a completely different lifestyle. There isn't one person on this planet who can make you something different than who you are every day. 


100% Survival Rate - as I like to remind you every time I speak on my podcast or write a post.. you've survived 100% of your hardest days. Even when someone is being difficult or you're in a challenging position in life, even on your hardest days when you're not sure you're going to survive this, you can remind yourself that you've survived 100% of your hardest days. If someone is being difficult with you, that's too bad for them, and they don't deserve to mess up your life. 


Essentially curiosity leads to "I get to" which leads to "this is no sweat off my back"


Yep, this episode has some cussing in it. Sorry, Mom!

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