Episode 44 - Cancel Culture: Let's Cancel It!



Another term I’ve heard and seen floating around is the idea of cancel culture. Honestly, I had no idea what this meant until I looked into it. 


Here’s a story...At work, I was having a conversation in the lunch room about how I was over an influencer type person saying the same thing over and over - yes it was their brand, but I had seen them speak on similar stages numerous times with the narrative and presentation never changing. As a speaker, it was disengaging for me to consistently see the same photos, hear the same words, and have the conversation never end. The person I was talking to made the comment about cancel culture. I was taken aback. I wasn’t canceling this person in my mind - I was just saying that I wanted to be able to hear some new content. Then we got into the conversation about being on brand and the importance of perhaps continuing with that same content. It was a great conversation with both of us being enlightened by the other. It turns out neither of us really truly knew what cancel culture was and that led into the deep dive for this episode. 


I think we hear a lot about cancel culture in the agriculture industry - stop eating meat, stop GMO, stop supporting farmers because of the lie about carbon, oil and gas industries, blah blah blah - you’ve heard it. 


To me, cancel culture is caused by a lack of willingness to learn more about a topic. Instead of people learning about both sides, thinking of various points of view, and doing research - they’d rather ostracize the thing because it is threatening or offensive to them. 


Why am I talking about this on a mental health podcast? Well… it’s simple, the fear of being canceled or ostracized for being different or doing something new keeps many people from branching out, trying new things, and essentially is now being seen to have negative mental health effects. 

Listen to this episode to hear more about living non-judgementally, learning to be curious, and some thoughts about cancel culture.



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