Episode 45 - Questioning Your Inner Dialect



Keeping yourself honest is something that can be really challenging. You might bullshit yourself and not even know it. You might not change your ways because you don’t want to acknowledge your actions and you might not acknowledge your actions because you think that your thoughts are facts, and that you can’t challenge that dialect in your head. If it’s happening in your head, it must be real - right? No. Wrong. 

First off, your thoughts absolutely are not facts. There is no correlation there. There is nothing saying to you damn, because I’m thinking this means obviously it must be true. No, you’re just thinking it. So what do we do to keep you honest and sane and knowing how to deal with all of that? 

First, learn to acknowledge it. Say, huh… well there it is. There’s a thought. It’s happening again. I’m thinking again. 

Boom, first step is complete. 


Second, acknowledge whether you’re having helpful or unhelpful thoughts. You are your thoughts after all because they dictate how you see the world and what you do in life. Just label it with curiosity. Like “huh.. That’s entirely unhelpful” 

Then, once we can learn to acknowledge how our thoughts are we can be curious about them a little more. Well.. I’m thinking negatively, why? What brings on this unhelpful thought? Is it true? Probably not. What evidence do I have that this thought is true? What evidence do I have that this has ever happened before?

Then, challenge it. What evidence do I have that the opposite happens, is true, or could happen?  When you start to fight back against your unhelpful thoughts, they have less power over you and you learn to not let them affect you so much. 

When you do this you can see and acknowledge how your thoughts affect your moods and emotion trends, learn to master your mindset, and acknowledge whether or not your thoughts are a source of anxiety for you. 


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