Episode 49 - Life On Purpose


When you live life on purpose, you have an internal GPS that guides your choices and direction in life. Your purpose might be meaningful work, it could be family or friends, it could be something totally different that sets your soul on fire. 

Life on purpose is also said to be life with intention. Intention comes from being balanced and living life with thoughtful intention. 

Life on purpose is you living to your fullest intent, to your fullest capabilities. 

There are a few ways you can live life on purpose.

  1. Figure out your core values - a core value highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces
  2. Know your priorities - what needs to get done and what is important to you for you to hold to your core values 
  3. Idealize your day - what does that look like 
  4. Get rid of clutter
  5. Be intentional with your body - the foods, amount of movement, water consumption, etc. 
  6. Journal - take time to reflect on your day-to-day life and what is happening in your life. Are you satisfied? What needs to change? What is good? What are you grateful for?
  7. Take responsibility. You can’t blame others for your life, you have to get your act together to solve your problems for you. You have to be responsible for trying new things. It’s scary, it’s daunting, but it’s something worth trying. You have a purpose, you have a reason to get out of bed, because you have the responsibility that no one is going to find purpose except for you. 

Now, if you’re having trouble connecting to your purpose and you feel like you’re not sure what that is - adventure. Forget about doing the things that seem like the right thing because other people are doing them or the things you might feel like you have to do, and go explore. Travel, try new things, go to new restaurants, do a new workout class, say yes to opportunities, try new stuff, because the more you can get out of your comfort zone, the more you might find your passion, purpose and things that you love. But if you never leave and grow, you don’t know what is in the world. You don’t know grace, you don’t know how other people do things, and you’re probably not growing. You need to grow before you can find purpose, you need to suffer, you need to learn.  You need to get up and be 1% better than yesterday… whether that’s 1% more willing to try or 1% more willing to learn or 1% faster in running or 1% more efficient on your farm or 1% more educated. It doesn’t matter what that 1% is, it can be in anything! 

Hell, you’re in agriculture… what you do already matters. You feed the world - but you are probably likely disconnected from the fact that you change the world and impact the world every single day in a way that no other industry does. You feed the world. You create resources. You implement change.


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