The Rural Mindset Podcast Episode 5 - Sherri Lee Pauls



On this episode of The Rural Mindset Podcast™ Erica had the pleasure of interviewing Sherri Lee Pauls. Sherri is a motivational speaker, farm wife, mother, mechanic, and survivor of so many trials. She lives and was raised in Southern Manitoba, Canada. Sherri shares about her mental health struggles, how she parents with love through cupcake days, and talks real life with Erica. 



Sherri grew up in a small town in Southern Manitoba, met a 3rd generation grain farmer and fell in love. She has 2 beautiful daughters who have the opportunity to go to the same school that Sherri went to! Her girls will be 4th generation farmers as well. Sherri is a mechanic and met her husband of 19 years through her love of cars while giving his vehicle a wheel alignment. 


Sherri loves to share about mental health and show her real life on her social media platforms. She got into sharing so deeply because mental health struggles are hereditary and her birth mother struggled, she struggles, and her daughter struggles with mental health, and once Sherri realized she was struggling she found her passion of sharing. She wanted to turn her sorrow into joy and work on educating the processes of mental health while helping to normalize the ups and downs of life, because we are not alone. Sherri likes to help people learn and grow to be more than their mental illnesses. 

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