The Rural Mindset Podcast™ Episode 23 - Balance, Discipline, Motivation, Jealousy


On this episode I talk about the difference between motivation and discipline, balance being a lie, and how envy and jealousy can be a driving force. While a lot of times these lines are fine and hard we are flirting with them a lot of the time! 

Motivation to me is the initial driving force in order to get you to do something.

Discipline is doing the things you know you need to do even though you don't want to. 

Balance is often used as an escape from doing things we think we should do or an excuse for us to be disciplined, but that's something that we need to change. 

One way we can utilize our feelings for motivation and discipline is lean into the jealousy and envy that we feel when we have someone else in our lives or someone that we look up to and admire doing the thing we want to do. Instead of being sad or resenting them for doing it we can recognize that they too were often an average joe who became what they are through discipline, grit, and try. Most of the time people simply aren't born with the ability to do their skill - they had to practice! That means that you can do it too! 

Listen to Episode 23 Here! 

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