The Rural Mindset Podcast™ Episode 29 - Championing Mental Health with High Heels & Canola Fields & Do More Ag Co-Founder Lesley Kelly


On this episode of The Rural Mindset Podcast™ I had the pleasure of chatting with Lesley Kelly of High Heels and Canola Fields, and one of the co-founders of Do More Agriculture Foundation. I was so excited to have Lesley on my podcast as she was a huge piece of inspiration for me to start this entire brand. I was sitting at a mental health conference where we heard from a board member of the Do More Agriculture Foundation!

During our conversation, Lesley talks about how they have the goal of helping one person and if she can help one person, it's worth it! 

Lesley went to the University of Saskatchewan where she studied advertising and marketing, but when she met her husband, her passion for farming was refuelled. She was working at a bank when her father had the idea to create Martin Munchies, a barley snack food, and Lesley got to use both of her passions together. When they were marketing Martin Munchies in Vancouver, Lesley felt her first pull to be an agvocate when she had a conversation about pesticides with a woman - and that's how High Heels and Canola Fields was born! 

She learned that what you say matters, and behind the scenes various members of her family were struggling with anxiety, personality disorders, and postpartum depression. 

When Lesley and her husband, Matt, started sharing their mental health story, they faced a lot of fear about the stigma surrounding mental health and they decided to help create the community that is now known as Do More Agriculture. Do More Ag is a national organization that helps champion the mental health of agriculture through creating safe and brave communities where farmers, ranchers and individuals in agriculture can find supports and talk about their mental health safely. Little did they know that they would create a huge change and world-wide known foundation!


You can listen to more from Lesley here!

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