The Rural Mindset Podcast™ Episode 31 - Start Before You're Ready



If you’ve been on social media long enough, or just on social media in general, you've probably heard the sound or seen videos that say “start before you’re ready” and this can be taken a few ways.

Sometimes, we get a little nervous because we feel like we aren’t ready. We aren’t prepared enough, we still have things we need to do, but here’s the thing. I’ve learned that 99% of the time you won’t feel ready, you won’t feel like you are or can do things until you are in the thick of it. Your brain will tell you that you aren’t prepared, need x, y or z, or don’t have the experience to do it. If you listen to this imposter syndrome in your head - you’ll never do anything. You get great by getting out there and doing things, not by sitting at home waiting to feel ready.

The other thing that this sound could mean is that you aren’t motivated. Sometimes we don’t feel ready because we lack this motivation word. When we lack motivation, it’s often because they feel in a rut, lack the ability to take action, or aren’t getting things accomplished. For most things in life, consistency and discipline are key. It’s hard for us to stay motivated all the time, because motivation is a temporary emotion, but consistency and discipline are built on wiring our brain to have core habits. These core habits inspire us to take action when we are unmotivated, and motivation then follows action, then action follows that motivation and so on and so forth. 


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6 Ways that you can take action to motivate yourself and help yourself stop saying you’re not ready are to:

  1. Break your goals into smaller more attainable steps. ...
  2. Know your limits. … (what you do or do not need help with, and what you can handle before you burn out) 
  3. Take away your distractions. ...
  4. Ask for the help you need. ...
  5. Find an activity that energizes you. ...
  6. Keep a tight schedule and use time blocking 
  7. Take breaks 


Remember, it’s better to take SMALL action than NO action! 

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