The Rural Mindset Podcast™ Episode 33 - An Open Conversation About Trauma


On this Episode of The Rural Mindset Podcast™ I have an open conversation with you about trauma, what trauma can be and how we all have instances and different things that happened to us (or for us) that impact how we act and think about ourselves. 

We are all traumatized. Trauma is simply a response to a bad event. The thing that we need to remember when thinking about trauma is that my worst and your worst, even if we have experienced the same thing, can be completely different. This is because we have different histories, family dynamics, friends, and life experiences in general. Whether you have one singular event that sticks out and consistently seems like you’re stubbing your toe on it, or a distrust for people based on school bullying - we are all traumatized. That’s why it’s so incredibly important to be kind to people, because those small comments can stick with someone forever. In my opinion, trauma doesn’t necessarily have to be one horrific event - it can be compounded small events of people saying things or treating you one way your whole life. 


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It could be your eating habits based on what girls said to you in school.

It could be your drive in farming based on the fact that someone said you would never make it. 

It could be you promising yourself to never treat your children how your parents treated you. 

It could be a stress response from doing poorly in school.

It could be how you handle your grazing practices based on drought. 

It could be how you handle your equipment based on a farm accident.

Sometimes, trauma can bring beneficial change that helps us grow and learn. We don’t know sometimes that what we are doing isn’t right until we have longitudinal evidence, but when something compounds, our brains and bodies get wired to think a certain way and do things a certain way. 

So just remember everyone has been through something, let’s work together on learning, being compassionate, and showing empathy. 

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