Behind The Brand

Well, how the heck did I get myself into this? Yep! I ask myself that ALL THE TIME. To be totally honest, there are a few ways that mental health is a passion of mine.  

Through my education, work experience, and personal trauma history, I have found a passion for helping individuals in the agriculture sector. 

I clearly remember watching a presentation at a mental health conference. I worked in proactive mental health with children in schools then and was there for work. SCORE! Free PD day and day "off." Honestly, I was not in my best mental health at that point in time and was recently diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression, and the speaker was talking about the statistics of mental health in agriculture in Canada. I was completely taken aback by the suicide rate and the number of farmers and ranchers facing a mental health crisis.

I was also shocked about the lack of individuals in the mental health field who truly understand the life of individuals in agriculture.

I was amazed that there really wasn't anyone working in positive mental health promotion, resiliency coaching, or proactive mental health.

Between the statistics of the number of suicides and individuals with mental health problems coupled with the lack of resources, I understood how there is a gap between agriculture and mental health; it is hard to talk to someone about your mental well-being, trauma on the farm, and the hardships farmers face when the individual has to first explain what they are talking about. 

At that moment, I felt like the speaker was talking directly to me and I felt seen. I felt seen about my feelings and the recent diagnosis of anxiety and depression, but I also felt seen about what I wanted to do and the things I was passionate about. I was already seeing a psychologist for my own struggles with moving to a rural environment and learning about farm life, but it really hit me that the agriculture community needed help and that with my education, passion, and life experience...I could be one of the people to help them.

 I wanted to be the person to help and I wanted my name to be on the list of “agriculture-aware” mental health resources for the people and community that I care about, and with my education and training, I knew I could be one of the people to do something

Erica's Resume


Master of Arts, Current

Yorkville University

Major: Counselling Psychology 

Bachelor of Education (With Great Distinction), February 2019

University of Lethbridge

         Major: Science Education

         Minor: CTS Community Health Focus

Bachelor of Science, June 2016

University of Lethbridge

         Major: General Science 

         Concentrations: Neuroscience, Psychology, Kinesiology


True Movement Level 1 Certified Trainer

True Movement Lloydminster

September 2022 to present

Promotion of positive physical health in youth and adults through the True Movement Method system. True Movement focuses on mobility, stability and posture while considering the needs of specified clients. Role at True Movement includes private lessons, group classes, sport-specific team training, timesheet records and reporting, presentations, and continuing education through True Movement professional development opportunities. 

Wellness Coach

Alberta Health Services Mental Health Capacity Building Project

SHINE Lloydminster, Lloydminster Catholic School Division & Lloydminster Public School Division

August 2019 to present

Promotion of positive mental health in children, youth, families and individuals in the community who interact with children and youth by collaborating with community agencies, instruction and presentation to large groups of children, youth and adults; planning, professional development, statistics and reporting, and curriculum modification and updating utilizing evidence-based programming. Assignment included 3 elementary schools in Lloydminster, Alberta/Saskatchewan servicing approximately 1200 students and participation in the Lloydminster Catholic School Division Critical Incident Response Team available to all schools within the school division. 

Substitute Teacher

Buffalo Trail Public Schools, St. Paul Regional Education District, and Lloydminster Public School Division, January 2019 - January 2020

Teaching, following directions, working collaboratively with others, supervision.


Buffalo Trail Public Schools, Kitscoty High School, January 2019 - June 2019

Teaching, developed curriculum and course structure, administration of grades, supervision, professional development, collaboration, and more.

Neuroscience Tutor

University of Lethbridge, 2016-2017

Tutoring, planning tutoring sessions, scheduling with students, and collaboration.

Horse Handler/Side Walker

Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association, February 2014 – April 2018

Physical, emotional and mental support; preparing the horse for clients; leading the horse during lessons.

Program Facilitator

University of Calgary, May 2016 - August 2016

Rehabilitation & Fitness Program for Persons with Disabilities

Facilitated fitness programs with clients; provided emotional and physical support.


  • True Movement Level 1 Certified Trainer - True Movement Method, October 2022
  • Teaching Kids Yoga Level 1 - Yoga In My School, September 2022
  • Psychological First Aid - Indigenous Communities (PFA-IC) - Alberta Health Services, August 2022
  • LEGO Social Skills Facilitator - Alberta Health Services, October 2021 
  • Heart Math Level 1 & 2  - Alberta Health Services, March 2021 
  • Move Your Mood - Alberta Health Services, March 2021
  • Psychological First Aid - Self Care - Alberta Health Services, April 2020
  • Mindful Educator - Mindful Schools, January 2020
  • MindUp Certified Educator - Goldie Hawn Foundation, May 2020
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals - Mindful Schools, November 2019
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) - Alberta Health Services, December 2019
  • Psychological First Aid - Canadian Mental Health Association, December 2019
  • Mental Health First Aid - Canadian Mental Health Association, October 2019
  • Wellness: Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual - Mental Health Online Resources for Educators, October 2019
  • Wellness: Hitting the Happiness Button - Mental Health Online Resources for Educators, October 2019
  • Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: An Overview - Mental Health Online Resources for Educators, October 2019
  • The Impact of Social Media on Children and Adolescents - Mental Health Online Resources for Educators, October 2019
  • SI Protocol: Mental Health Professional - Mental Health Online Resources for Educators, October 2019
  • HIA Awareness - Alberta Health Services, October 2019
  • FOIP – Focus on Privacy - Government of Alberta, 2019
  • Information Sharing under the Children First Act - Government of Alberta, September 2019
  • Teaching Sexual Health - Alberta Health Services, September 2019
  • Concussion: Prevention, Detection & Implementation - University of Calgary, March 2019
  • LEARN Mental Health Literacy - University of British Columbia, December 2018
  • Teach Mental Health - University of British Columbia, November 2018
  • Brain Story Certification - Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, November 2018
  • Level B Assessment - Educational Psychological Assessments - Central Alberta Regional Consortium, October 2018
  • canfitpro Personal Training Specialist - canfitpro, September 2016