Motivational Speaking

Erica is available to speak on a variety of topics including:

Small Steps to Success - Unlocking Your Full Potential Without the Overwhelm
Mindful Living - Calm Your Mind, Calm Your Life
Anxiety on the Farm - Befriending Your Emotions
Mastering Mindset - Change How You Speak To Yourself. Period.

    Whether your audience is ready for self-care, personal development, or to light their passion and unlock their potential, Erica has a speech for you. She aims to have attendees explore internal motivation and find their passion while embracing in a collective experience and CONNECTING.

    Erica has used her speaking topics to help her overcome adversity, gain confidence, be in control of her own life, fight PTSD, and start her own business and brand. 

    Help your audience build on previous knowledge of their brain and body to help them understand why they feel and behave the way they do, while also learning how to manage difficult experiences, emotions, and situations with ease and confidence.


    Let’s grow, focus on gratitude, and find more fulfilling and purposeful lives.


    Erica will help your audience home - to themselves


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