Why Proactive Mental Health?

What is proactive mental health?

Proactive mental health or mental health promotion for individuals focuses on increasing emotional resilience and reducing vulnerability to mental health problems.

1. We put a focus on prevention, not intervention

2. We deserve to feel good

3. We work on beating burnout before it happens

4. We increase productivity

5. Research shows that 68% of farmers and ranchers are currently facing mental health problems. Knowing strategies to decrease stress, decrease anxiety and increase resiliency and mental agility is the first step in helping farmers feel confident, empowered, and valued in the industry.

6. Proactive health approaches can also help decrease some physical health and chronic health conditions 

8. We focus on increasing communication skills 


Erica has a mindfulness-based approach to proactive mental health, where she helps individuals identify ways that they can add mindfulness into their lives through various strategies that are client specific. Erica enjoys helping clients with adding mindful moments of gratitude into their daily hustle-and-bustle of farm and ranch life. 

Through her focus of proactive mental health, Erica hopes to help decrease the burnout on farms and ranches in Canada and on a global scale.